So you are thinking about getting a Great Dane?  Although I dont want to scare people from making a Great Dane part of their family, I also dont want to see these beautiful animals in 6 months time in shelters, rehomed or worse, just because someone thought they were going to be a cute puppy - they grow, and quickly. I would rather people read, learn and ask many many questions before being owned by a Great Dane, so that they know some of the things that are expected around that next corner.

Some of the things that you should consider before purchasing a Great Dane Puppy.

The Great Dane is a giant breed that takes up more room in the house, needs an appropriate sized car to ride in safely and will cost considerably more to maintain than a small breed.
Have you taken all this into consideration?
A Great Dane, especially a rambunctious puppy, can knock down a small child in play. A Great Dane must never be left unsupervised with small children.
A Great Dane can be very destructive to your furniture, woodwork, garden, and personal belongings. Are you prepared to deal with this?
The Great Dane is a sociable, friendly breed. Great Danes needs to have human contact, affection, regular socialization with other people and animals. Are you ready to commit to this?
Big dogs can have big medical expenses and require the same amount of medicine as an adult person. Are you prepared to face these large bills in the event of a health emergency?
Do you have a well fenced yard for those times when you need to leave them.
Do you have the time to train them in some type of obedience, having a naughty, unmannered 80kg dog is not many peoples idea of fun.

These are just some of the things to consider thinking about before purchasing a giant breed dog.

Great Danes are a wonderful animal to have around, but I want them to be in your lives for the whole of theirs, so please be prepared so that you will have a happy and loving life together.

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