Welcome to Strykerdane.  My name is Alisha Watson and although new to the world or breeding, we have been lucky to have these majestic beings in our lives for a while. It is with the guidance of friends and their experience, that I am able to be where I am now.

I fell in love the Great Danes at the age of 6 when my father found a lovely big fawn boy wondering our street. So big yet so gentle, this was the dog for me. Fast forward 20 odd years, I have married, had children and still have not had the opportunity to get the one thing I wanted most.

Watching the Queens baton come through Melbourne, my husband came home and told me that he saw a beautiful brindle great dane, I was angry that he had seen this Dane and not me. A knock at our door soon made it all go away. There stood (our now great friend) Charlie with his gorgeous brindle girl Peppa. I was smitten. After talking, it wasn't too long until we welcomed our very first Great Dane into our lives - Rajah.

My husband didn't take too long to realise what I had know for many years, that Great Danes were truly a magnificent breed. My cat loving husband was turning, 6 months later along came Phoebe our gorgeous Black girl who is Rajah's soul mate.

A few years later we went down to watch a dog show - something I had only ever seen on television. So many beautiful danes, I was in heaven!!  I met a beautiful boy "Linus"  - Ch Danefred White Line Fever and his owner Frieda Clifton from Danefred Kennels, and so my life into the dog showing world began.

We welcomed Shelby into our lives 3 and a half years ago and what a character she is. We have learnt the rights and wrongs of dog showing together. I have learnt so much from showing my girl, and I am honoured that Frieda entrusted her to me, showed me the ropes and has become a great friend.

So our family has grown from just 4 humans (Hubby, me and 2 children) to a family of 8, because they are very much part of our family. Other than dog showing we do many things with our dogs, like obedience training, days at the beach or out with other dog friends for example. Our dogs are not put out the back yard and forgotten about to be that honorary family pet.

I am slowly putting together this website with information about us and more importantly, information about Great Danes. There is information from our ANKC - Australian National Kennel Council and other sites including links to our Victorian Great Dane Club and more. If you feel I am missing some vital information or have anything incorrect, please email me. Over the coming months this site will slowly change as I play around with it, so please be patient with my slow skills in basic web design.

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